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If you're tired of living like a headless chicken and juggling everyone else's priorities, this show will be an earbud lifeline. Every week, show host Kendra Adachi of The Lazy Genius Collective will help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. If you want to laugh while getting practical advice, this show belongs in your life. 

Sep 30, 2019

Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do, but you’re allowed to ask for help, no matter the circumstance. It’s good, in fact, to ask for help. And today, we’re talking about the ways to do it – the different kinds of therapy and different reasons why or why not you might pursue them. Plus, I talk...

Sep 23, 2019

If you’ve ever purchased multiple planners in a year, this episode is for you. Today, we’re walking through three questions to ask when planning your week, and then we’ll use my own weekly plan for this week as a kind of case study to see how the questions are put into practice. It’s a simple approach but...

Sep 16, 2019

Snacks, homework, playing, chores, making dinner, not to mention those extracurriculars if your kids are into sports and clubs. The reason why the hours after school is over feel frenzied is because it IS frenzied. But a routine can help. In this episode, we will talk about why a routine is helpful, how to build one...

Sep 9, 2019

Today we’re talking about books! And based on your responses to the Latest Lazy Letter (which has tons of book and podcast recommendations), you love talking about them, too. I’m sharing what I learned from setting summer reading goals and how I plan to use that information as I head into the fall.

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Sep 2, 2019

One of my favorite ways to approach a new season is to have a dinner queue to pull from when deciding what to eat for dinner. In this episode, I’m going to share my reflections from my summer dinner queue and give you how I’m taking what I learned as I build one for the fall.

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