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If you're tired of living like a headless chicken and juggling everyone else's priorities, this show will be an earbud lifeline. Every week, show host Kendra Adachi of The Lazy Genius Collective will help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. If you want to laugh while getting practical advice, this show belongs in your life. 

Jan 27, 2020

Let's play a game. Let's name all of the food rules you've experienced in your life. Yeah...we'll be here a while and we probably won't feel that great after we list them all out. That's why I'm so passionate about talking about living without food rules. We don't need them, y'all. Here's why.

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    Jan 20, 2020

    I know that so many of you folks who listen to this podcast love to read. You love books and more books and finding more ways to get more books into your life. In today’s episode, we’ll create a quick and easy path to figuring out what to read this winter if that’s on your radar and how to make the most of your...

    Jan 13, 2020

    I love putting the proper importance on food and meals and gathering around the table but not wasting energy on the wrong things. Those wrong things look different for everyone listening, but today we’re going to figure out what matters and what doesn’t around your winter table.

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    Jan 6, 2020

    Today, I’m giving you two simple questions to ask yourself as you move into 2020 so that you can see your time in a way that makes sense for the season you’re in and makes a difference in your everyday life.

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    • January’s Latest Lazy Letter goes out on Wednesday, and I would love for it to...